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Parking permit application

Application for Precinct Parking Permits

One parking permit is available free of charge to those ratepayers/residents* who reside on a street with timed parking.

Additional permits can be requested upon reasonable grounds with a $50 fee applicable to any additional permits granted.

If permits are lost or stolen, a replacement fee of $50 per permit will apply.  Please allow at least seven business days for processing of your application. 

Permits are valid for 12 months from the date of approval.


Please note that ratepayers/residents of multiple dwellings are not eligible for parking permits as per the Town's Parking Policy LV132. The Town suggests residents of these dwellings discuss parking management with their strata manager.


Frequently Asked Questions

The new parking permits process for 2023/2024 will be set as the first permit is free, and any additional permits are $50 and must be approved by the CEO so an application must be put in writing. Please expect a turnaround of 7-10 days on second permit applications.

Since the feedback from the last council decision, a new proposal was taken back to the council and they decided on the first permit being free (as opposed to the $125 previously decided) and additional permits are $50.

Once approved, permits can be collected during working hours of 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday. You can nominate someone to collect your permit on your behalf (ID will be required).

The permit will expire one year after approval, for example, if the permit is approved on 31.08.2023 it will expire on 31.08.2024

The duration is set by Council each year as part of the annual budget process. Therefore 12 months is appropriate.

The high demand for parking has been identified as an issue in the Town and in particular the town centre and surrounding streets. 

Setting a fee for parking permits improves the management of the service as it encourages only those who require a permit to apply for one. 

The fee also offsets part of the administration costs associated with processing, patrolling, and signage associated.

The Town wanted to ensure we had addressed our residents feedback and so prepared for a new agenda item at council to decide on the permits. This was set for the soonest possible council meeting, on the 29th  August 2023.

The temporary parking permits we have in place for The Grove development will remain free (residents can have two in total).

These permits will have a set expiration of June 2024 when we expect the build to be completed. 

Prior to the the build being completed the Town will be conducting a survey for residents on Airlie Street to determine if they would like to make the parking restrictions permanent.

Parking Permit Application

Please only select yes if you require an additional permit(s) further to the first free permit. A $50 fee applies to each approved additional permit.
Only fill this question in if you have nominated someone else to collect your permit(s) on your behalf
Thank you for your feedback!

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