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Development Application Requirements

Generally, an application for development approval will be required for proposals involving:

  • Construction of buildings/dwellings where variations are proposed to the Residential Planning Code deemed to comply requirements, Council's Local Planning Policy requirements or provisions of the Town's Local Planning Scheme.
  • Changing the use of a building/premises
  • Increasing the floor area of an existing structure
  • Additions and alterations to existing dwellings
  • Non-residential developments
  • Lapsed development approvals (approvals are valid for two of four years, after which a new application must be submitted if not substantially commenced)
  • Modifications or extensions to places listed as being of heritage significance
  • Non-complying front fencing (with the Town’s Policy)
  • Retaining walls (over 500mm in height)
  • Excavation in the front setback area (over 500mm)

Note: Applications are not required for development that meets the requirements of Cl.61 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

Lodging a Development Application


Large file upload: Attn Planning
Via email (limited 10MB) –
USB via post PO Box 54, Claremont WA 6910 

Hard copy

Via post PO Box 54, Claremont WA 6910

Note: Approvals will be issued electronically unless otherwise requested by submission of application.

You will be contacted for payment of application fees once the application has been processed (refer Schedule of Planning Fees below). Alternatively, please complete a credit card authorisation form for payment of applicable fees and submit with the application.

Development Approval ensures works are legal, and prevents any unreasonable negative impacts for neighbours. Failure to comply can result in fines or other penalties.

Please note: Development Approval must be obtained before lodging a Building Permit application

Statutory Planning

  • Planning And Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 Deemed Provisions
    557.34 KB
  • Local Planning Scheme 3 Heritage List (updated 11 May 2018 - Council Resolution 81/17)
    546.51 KB

Public Consultation

Public consultation is a way to voice your opinion on things that shape your community. The Town is committed to ensuring that all members in our community are heard. Changes to planning requirements (such as Scheme Amendments), major developments and strategic planning items will all be available from this page during the consultation period in accordance with State Legislation.

If you would like to make a submission please email Please state the item name and/or address your name and address and how the proposal may affect you or your property.

Please be aware that when you make a submission, details of your submission will be included in a Council Agenda report, which will be available for public viewing (on the Town's website).

Community consultation

To view documents currently open for public consultation, please visit our Community Consultation page.

Plan Searches

A search request form must be completed to obtain details relative to former Planning and Development Approvals, Sign Licences or any other approval issued by the Town. Please note the owner listed on the property must provide consent before the plans can be given out.

Search Request Form

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