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Art Awards & Exhibition

The Town runs a biennial Art Awards & Exhibition to support and celebrate West Australian emerging and established artists across a variety of art forms, including oil, watercolour, ink, sculpture, and mixed media.


Art Awards & Exhibition 2023 - Winner

Congratulations to Artist Stef Rae, who was awarded first place over 80 shortlisted WA artists.

Stef's piece, Continuum, was commended by judges as being "A skilfully executed work, showing a strong emotive composition, the paint application features different styles which is difficult to do in a single work, showing great skill. The composition draws on a tradition of perspective but is presents a contemporary interpretation."  

Stef received $5000 as first prize winner.

Art Awards & Exhibition 2023 -Second Prize Winner

Congratulations to Artist Sarah Sinclair, who was awarded second place in the awards.

Sarah’s piece, Old Shirt, was commended by the judges for, "the skill and simplicity in rendering the subject is commanding in its quietness; The artist has captured a disquiet that should not be present in the eyes of a young boy. Exquisitely rendered, and even though it is a small work and maybe because of it, the emotive power and intimacy of the portrait kept the judges coming back to it."  

Sarah received $2500 as the Second Prize winner.

Art Awards & Exhibition 2023 -Sculpture Prize Winner

Congratulations to Artist Felicity Bodycoat, who was awarded sculpture prize in the awards.

Felicity’s piece, Ellipse Series 2, was commended by the judges for, "the apparent simplicity of the form belies the complexity of the process and difficulty in achieving the level of perfection where the form, the internal and outer surface properties of the work are in perfect sync with each other."  

Felicity received $2500 as the Sculpture Prize winner.

Art Awards & Exhibition 2023 - Claremont Local Award Winner

Congratulations to Artist Aaron Moore, who was awarded The Claremont Local Award prize.

Aaron’s piece, Kut-a-wei-rah (King Billy), was commended by the judges for, "the work being skilfully and imaginatively executed, an original approach which shows vibrancy and assuredness in the artist’s mark making technique. The subject engages with local history, the Claremont Museum collection and it’s scale demands attention to a potentially overlooked local narrative"  

Aaron received $500 as the Claremont Local Award winner.

ART AWARDS & EXHIBITION 2023 - People's Choice Award Winner

Congratulations to Alison Thorpe who received the most votes in the People's Choice Award for her painting on acrylic, Goldsworthy Road.

The painting captures an iconic street in Claremont, using layers to create depth and perspective.

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