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Pet Registration

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Registering your dog

Registration rules are set for the Town by the Dog Act 1976.

The Dog Registration Year begins on 1 November each year and expires on 31 October, with registration renewal reminders sent to owners in mid-October. These dates apply regardless of when you take out your initial registration.

When you register your dog you can:

  • Choose whether to register your dog for a one or three year period
  • Provide proof that your dog is sterilised to receive a reduction to the registration fee

Once your dog is registered, it can live anywhere in Western Australia. However, if you permanently move to a new area within the Dog Registration Year, we ask that you let your old and new local government authorities know so we can keep our registration records up to date. For dogs moving into the Town of Claremont, we will issue a new registration tag at no cost.

Lost registration tags

Lost registration tags can be replaced at the Town's administration building at a cost of $15.

Dog Forms

Registering your cat

Registration fees for the Town are set by the Cat Act 2011.

In order for the registration to be completed, you must provide:

  • A microchip certificate
  • A sterilisation certificate

Cat Forms

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