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Air Quality


Sand drift and dust problems can be a nuisance to the community. Most problems with sand drift and dust arise from subdivision developments, building sites, brick cartage trucks, land clearing, industrial properties, road works, excavation sites, landfill sites and storms. Dust control is particularly important in dry weather due to the increase in winds, drying out rates, water conservation measures and the reduction in grasses.
As a landowner you are required to prevent sand or dust causing a nuisance, whether it affects private land or Town land such as verges, footpaths and roads. The Town of Claremont suggests that the following actions be taken to minimise the amount of dust produced when building or developing land.

  • Apply water or a binding agent.
  • Hydro-mulch the affected area.
  • Erect a temporary screen in the direction of the prevailing winds and to prevent vehicles from driving on the land.
  • Ensure trucks leaving the site are covered and that any spillage onto the ground surface and roads is promptly

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Smoke contributes heavily to air pollution as well as having an adverse effect on the health of the public. When burning, it is suggested that all measures are taken in order to reduce the amount of smoke produced.  These measures include ensuring that you burn dry wood and that the fire is burning extremely hot rather than just smoldering. Should you have an issue with smoke, it is essential that you contact the wood fire burner to have the issue resolved.

Further information is available at the Department of Health - click here 

Back yard burning of household waste is completely banned.

Wood Heaters

You can reduce smoke pollution from your chimney by following these simple steps:

  • Keep your firewood dry and in a well-ventilated area.
  • Never burn green wet or treated wood.
  • Have your flue checked and cleaned by a professional before winter begins.

Further information on reducing smoke emissions is available at the Department of Environmental Regulation - Wood Smoke by clicking here.

For further information on the Town of Claremont locals laws surrounding Air Quality, click here

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