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Bins and collection days

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When to contact us

Contact the Town to:

  • Report a damaged bin

  • Report a stolen bin

  • Request a bin upgrade or downgrade - the ratepayer's written approval is required for all bin upgrades or downgrades

Waste & Recycling Guide

Residents receive weekly general waste and alternating fortnightly recycling and green waste bin collection services. 

Bin collection days for each area can be found in the Town's Waste & Recycling Guide.

The guide also provides information on what to do with your waste and the dates for verge collections.

The Town encourages residents to reduce landfill by reusing, recycling and repurposing where possible.

Each property owner receives a hard copy of the Waste & Recycling Guide with their rates which includes tip passes.

Claremont Waste Guide 2023/24

Managing Waste

The Town of Claremont provides waste and recycling services for residential properties. Each property has:

  • a 120-litre general waste bin with a dark green or red lid (collected weekly); and

  • a 240-litre recycling bin with a yellow lid (collected fortnightly).

Properties larger than 400 square metres (400sqm) will also have:

  • a 240-litre garden organics (GO) bin with a lime-green lid (collected fortnightly)

Bin tagging

The Town participates in the Bin tagging education program in partnership with the Western Metropolitan Regional Council.

You can read more about this education program here.

Putting your bins out

To ensure your bin is collected in a timely and efficient manner, please put your bin out:

  • With the lid closed
  • With the wheels facing your property
  • Within 1m of the road
  • At least 0.5m apart from other bins
  • Clear of obstructions (eg cars, walls, posts)
  • Before 6am on collection day

Please retrieve your bin as soon as possible following collection.


Application for a garden organics (GO) bin

Properties greater than 400sqm were automatically included in the three-bin system and provided with a green-lidded GO bin.

The owner or authorised property manager for single residential properties smaller than 400sqm can opt in to have a GO bin as part of their waste services.

To receive a GO bin, please complete the GO bin application form below.

Application Form - GO bin 

The owner or authorised property manager for single residential properties smaller than 400sqm can opt in to have a garden organic (GO) bin as part of their waste services.

Application forms can only be submitted by ratepayers, or those acting on behalf of ratepayers (eg. property managers). If you are a tenant, please ask your property owner or manager to complete the application form.

I have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed below

The Town may carry out audit on suitability of green waste bin for requested properties smaller than 400sqm. There is no option to opt out

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